Integrated B2B Marketing Solutions


Gregis Advertising

Integrated Business-to-Business Marketing Solutions

For over 20 years, Gregis Advertising has been providing advertising and marketing services to a diverse audience of industrial and commercial businesses. Our clients span a broad range of products and service types, and they all have one common goal - that of being the leader in their respective product categories.

What differentiates Gregis Advertising from most other advertising agencies is our focus on businesses serving other businesses. We place special emphasis in working with companies offering products and services to specialized markets. Markets that are often small in size but requiring the highest degree of technical knowledge and proficiency.

Regardless of the product type, emphasis is placed on brand building and the positioning of our clients as the value leader within their respective industries. Strong brands are the cornerstone of any company, and they require care and nurturing and an advertising agency committed to excellence.

How can we help you?

Mobile Optimized Websites
Do you need a mobile version of your website? Contact us and we'll create an optimized site for your customers to view on the go!
Product Configurators
We specialize in web-based configurators and calculators for products having a multitude of options and accessories.
Packaging and POP
Along with package design, we'll create eye-catching Point-of-Purchase displays to hightlite the benefits of your products.